How to Buy Gaming Laptops

Getting the Best Gaming Laptop – The Tips You Should Never Miss

You have found yourself reading this article because you are either trying a new hobby or needing a simple replacement for your old dying gaming laptop. 

Before we dig right into it, what is a gaming laptop and what sets it apart from ordinary, office-designed laptops? 

The gaming laptop

The easiest way to hit the right mark is to assume that gaming laptops demand more power and are more performance-hungry than your usual office computers. They require more powerful hardware and specs than those regularly used for schools, offices, or the typical household. While you can comfortably do with the 13-inch laptops for your business needs, the screens of gaming laptops often range from 15-17 inches. The processor is expected to be on the higher end as well to be able to support demanding graphics and efficiency. AMD is one of the leading processor manufacturers for gaming laptops. Although Intel has its equivalent that can compete with the best processors from AMD, AMD continues to dominate this field. Gaming laptops will require a lot of strength because it’s necessary to be highly functional all the time. Since it almost requires a hardcore performance, it will also demand substantial working memory. So, at a baseline, its RAM shouldn’t fall below 8GB. 

With everything said about a gaming laptop, you can anticipate that it will not be cheap, but you shouldn’t be disappointed. You would mostly find them bigger and thicker due to the bigger batteries needed to sustain them. Despite that, it’s rarely difficult to find a gaming laptop that can last for more than 6 hours without being plugged into a power source. 

If you look around and pay careful attention, it’s possible to get ones at a lower price than their actual value. If you look hard enough, you should find fantastic deals. So, here, we’ve made that happen. Please continue reading below so you can have more ideas about it to get you motivated and started. Here we’ve come up with a list where you’re most likely to be able to snag great promos.

How to Get the Best Gaming Laptops

Free Online Listing Websites To Buy Gaming Laptops

1. Craigslist 

When considering indulging yourself with the best laptop for your bucks, you shouldn’t miss some of the extraordinary finds on Craigslist because it’s a considerable eCommerce brand. There’s plenty of options that can give you more ideas on what makes up a great gaming laptop. 

Initially, you might find yourself a little bit at a loss on its homepage. The information you see can be overwhelming. To speed up the process, however, your instinct will tell you to use the search tab on the platform where you can type right away the keyword “gaming laptop.” within a few seconds, however, you can spot the “For sale.” In the list, you can find the “computer” option, which you should click. The platform readily allows you to fill out specific parameters to help with the search results. When searching for any product, it’s highly suggested that you specify your location. 

2. FreeAdsTime

As one would expect from its name, FreeAdsTime is a free listing service where many products are being listed. With a lot of the crowd using it, you can rest assured that there will be helpful options that await you for the exact features that you’re looking for, for your new gaming laptop. The extensive options will also let you pick the one that’s right on your money. You can use its “quick search” feature when finding a gaming laptop. When you hit the search, you will find a list of websites that currently have the best deals on a gaming laptop. On the other hand, you can specify the “Computer” by clicking on it at the “Explore Other Products” option located at the site’s footer. When you use the latter, you can filter your search by filling out other fields. 

3. Olx

Olx is both a shopping and a listing website. You can think of it as the equivalent of Amazon. But unlike Amazon, it’s easier for an individual to list their product. With that said, it’s highly viable to find good deals from both the online store owners on the site or from individual sellers who might be selling second-hand or slightly used gaming laptops – if you are in the market for that. 

Olx is renowned throughout the world and has a rebranded equivalent in some of the countries. It used to be one of the fastest-growing names in eCommerce and one of the trusted brands too. It’s been around in the industry for over a decade, having been established in 2006. 

4. WallClassifieds 

To commence your quest on finding an excellent quality gaming laptop that’s going to be worth every dime you are willing to spend, you can either hit the search bar and type in their “gaming laptop.” In doing that, you will be presented with a list of links that currently have deals on them, very much like the Free Ads Time. The other way to search for it is by clicking the “Items” and further narrowing it down by clicking either “Tech-related items” or “Other Items.” Doing the extended cut can seem cumbersome, especially if there are no currently listed ads in-house. So to speed things up, feel free to do the shortcut. 

5. Gumtree

Gumtree is effortless to work and has a very unconventional vibe. It’s very intuitive to use, so it’s straightforward to figure out how to look and see what you’re looking for. When looking for the best gaming laptop on this platform, you can search for it right away by typing that into another search bar. It will then give you suggestions if you’re specifically looking for a desktop or laptop. You can search for it via the category section, but it’s far more straightforward here to use the search bar. 

Gumtree is a lively community that goes beyond advertisement. It also provides articles that you can read and other helpful sections to help entertain. Just simply navigating around will already be worth your time. So, it would help if you gave this one a shot. 

6. Oodle 

Oodle is another online marketplace that you can count on, particularly if you are looking for ones that individual sellers sell. The platform is a listing service, wherein the ads you will come across are often from individual sellers. It’s not directly the same as Amazon, which is an entirely shopping website or platform. As it isn’t apparent which specific category must be browsed, you must specify your location to get the results within your community. After you have picked your area, you can jump right ahead to type in the search bar “gaming laptop.” It will display the results listed on its platform or somebody else’s, for example, eBay. 

7. H1Ad

A gaming laptop should be one of the core strengths of H1Ad as it is initially created to answer the needs of computer programmers for almost any product they need, especially for their daily lives. It has an almost similar system wherein you must type it in the search bar to search for the specific ad. The category sections aren’t that elaborate, so it can be tedious to search for a gaming laptop via that route. After searching for the ads, you will be redirected to the next page where other websites with a product you are looking for are available. If it has the listing on its platform or database, it will also appear on its results page.

How to Get the Best Gaming Laptops

Retails Shops 

After considering the staple listing services online, you can also pin your hopes on another approach, such as walking into a retail shop or browsing through their online catalog. It may surprise you that most retail shops in the US now allow online shopping. To keep up with the pandemic and today’s digital, highly established companies are now maximizing every opportunity to stay relevant and keep their fair share of market share. So, here are the five retail where you can get your gaming laptop at a reasonable price and awesome deals. 

1. Best Buy 

Best Buy is famed in the US. It’s one of the most trusted retail shops for electronics, appliances, and computer devices. But don’t expect second-hand items here. And you shouldn’t be because they almost always have amazing deals that await you. You are sure to be happy when you walk into one of its physical stores. If going out of your house isn’t to your liking, then you can always browse online. Lucky you, if you live within the US, you can shop, order online, and have your gaming laptop delivered to your doorstep in just a few days. If you are patient enough, you can check out the Deal of the Day section, where they launch deals that vary within each passing day. If you are an international shopper, you can still buy and deliver your product to a US address. (Some companies provide you a US address, and once your product has arrived at that address, they will ship it internationally.)

2. Staples 

Staples is a US retail titan that has everything that you need. Despite that, it used to be known as one of the best shops for your office supplies needs. It has already branched out, and sure enough, for any computer need, there’s one that you can reasonably consider here. You may now find yourself asking if they sell any gaming laptops since they look like a shop for serious business owners, right? But, yes, they do have a gaming laptop and desktop. When clicking the “Products” on its dashboard, you can easily find them, then click the “Computers & Accessories” category. The page that you will be redirected to is where you will see the gaming desktops and laptops. It’s simple to do business with it since it has a uniform layout for each product’s details and specifications. There’s also a specific link for the most important aspects of the laptop, such as processor, memory, etc. When you click on those, a pop-up will occur to show the info without having you leave the page. 

3. Walmart

Walmart has built its reputation on being a general retail company that doesn’t specialize in anything. But it’s so great at treating and pleasing its customers with surprising deals and often the cheapest rate. Like Best Buy and Staples, it’s recognized in the US nationwide, so that you can expect competitive rates and products on sale prices. Because it’s a general retail store, there are always many things going on in here. So, to save you some time, you can find the gaming category when you click on its main menu section and select “Electronics & Office.” There you can find Laptop and PC Gaming. If you live in the US, you can shop online and opt in between “Pickup and Delivery.”

4. Target 

Like Walmart, Target is a retail store that covers products extensively. It also offers Pickup and Delivery, very much like Walmart. In many ways, the two can be similar. But it’s fair to say that Target has a nicer and cleaner layout which makes it far more convenient and efficient to use. At first, you’ll have to click on “Categories,” then scroll down to the bottom until you find “Electronics.” After clicking on it, you can only find the “Laptop” section. On the next page, you can see the option for “Gaming Laptops.” Upon clicking that one, you can see different options. You can add it for shipping or check the nearby stores that have the particular model you want so you can pick it up there. 

5. Costco 

Costco is famed throughout the world for selling wholesale products. But we are sure that you’re not looking to buy laptops in bulk, right? Even if you are not planning on buying tons of gaming laptops, you can still give Costco a shot. The fastest way to get to the brass tacks is to search for the gaming laptop by using the search tab. But the results won’t be particularly filtered if they are particularly tailored for gaming. Despite that, it may still be worth your time, even if it’s not as direct as the other retail shops listed here.

How to Get the Best Gaming Laptops

Online Shops 

After talking about listing services and retail shops, there’s another classification worth mentioning. To some, walking into a physical store or browsing through different listing services doesn’t suit. Another reason why the retail shops won’t work is due to shipping or logistical restrictions. If, for any reason, these two limitations are in place, then you still have another resort which is online shops. To some extent, this can resemble either the retails shops or listing services. Where it completely departs, however, is that online shops primarily sell new products. The simplest way to think about online shops are stores that exclusively sell online and don’t offer physical stores. In that regard, here are the top five that come to mind for online shops. 

1. Amazon

Amazon is the first one, without a doubt. It’s the biggest and most respected throughout the globe. Everywhere in the world you go, Amazon has a huge presence as they ship worldwide. While it’s arguable to say that they started this industry, it’s undeniable that they were among the first ones and they helped establish this kind of system. It’s maintained and consistently being innovated. So, you can have confidence in every product that they offer or being sold on its platform to be 100% legitimate with deals particularly unique and worthy. Here, there’s no need for whichever country you live in. Within just a week, your new gaming laptop can be shipped to you. 

2. eBay

Amazon and eBay often come together. They are almost synonymous, but they are direct competitors in the early days of eCommerce. Amazon has grown to be more respected and established. Despite that, eBay remains a great product provider for almost anything you’re looking for, even if it’s a gaming laptop. eBay is known for its bidding process instead of putting a fixed price for the items being sold on the platform. Nonetheless, some sellers don’t do this and instead put a tag reasonable enough for the product. While it may not be best for this, as there’s Amazon, you may still be able to end up with amazing finds here. 

3. Best Buy 

As earlier said, Best Buy is a retail shop that now allows online selling. Like Amazon, all you must do is go to its website, browse through the catalog on gaming computers and deals, then you might find yourself checking out your cart happy and more than satisfied. The only problem, as said before, is they don’t ship internationally. Unless you live in the US or Canada, you’re far better off with Amazon. 

4. Shopolop

Shopolop is revered for its simplicity. It’s light and clean. It won’t take a long time to find anything that you are looking for. Since we’re talking about gaming laptops here, just hit the “Electronics” section, where you will find different categories currently listed on the site to be sold. It is minimal, but it is structured well. They also ship internationally, and they support different card issuers in addition to ApplePay and GooglePay 

5. Costco 

Like Best Buy, Costco is better known as a physical store. Unlike Best Buy, however, it’s also known for giving amazing deals to wholesale shoppers. The more one buys in bulk, the greater the savings await. Despite that, you don’t need to buy in bulk to be able to buy a gaming laptop. You can also go to its website, navigate around, browse through different gaming laptops, order it online and have it shipped to you. But to do that, you must have a US address. It’s unfortunate, and they don’t ship internationally.

How to Get the Best Gaming Laptops

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