How to Sell Used Nintendo Switch

How to Sell Used Nintendo Switch and Where to Sell Them for the Most Money

The Nintendo Switch was released in 2017 and is now the second-highest sold console in US history, selling over 78 million consoles worldwide. It already surpassed the Nintendo DS. Also, It is one of the most successful and exciting consoles ever made as it’s a combination of a handheld and home console. The main unit is a tablet-like device that can be plugged into a dock for TV play.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, many people are forced to stay at home. Because of this, people are eager to find something fun where they can spend their time. Nintendo also released Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which became a popular game for everyone of any age. With this game coming out and the people staying indoors, the Nintendo Switch demand has incredibly increased. It is also considered more family-friendly than other consoles since most of its games are suitable for kids.

However, the Nintendo Switch isn’t for everyone. Some people who bought it grew bored over time. In contrast, some switched back to Nintendo DS, especially for those who go for a lower price.

Why Sell Your Used Nintendo Switch?

Playing with the Nintendo Switch is fun. I remember playing with it for the first time, and I couldn’t get enough of it. If you have played with a Nintendo Switch, I’m pretty sure you have felt the same.

But nowadays, the number of people selling their used Switches went up. This can be due to various reasons. Maybe these people have finished every game and became too impatient to wait for the next big title to drop. Or perhaps some are students and are spending too much time playing Switch instead of studying. Or maybe some of them want their Nintendo DS back. Whatever the reason is, selling used Switch is never a wrong decision.

If you’re one of the people mentioned above, and whatever your reason is, now is the right time for you to sell your used Nintendo Switch. The shutdown of several factories in Asia caused by the pandemic has made it hard to find a Nintendo Switch in stores.

Due to high demand but low supply, you can sell your used console for a much higher price.

How to Sell Used Nintendo Switch

How to Sell Your Used Nintendo Switch?

The current pandemic has affected the mobility of people. Before the pandemic hit the globe, it was easy to sell your used things. You can sell it in pawnshops or have it bought by your friend or officemates by bringing your stuff to school or office. Now with the threat of the virus spreading out, people are forced to stay at home. But thanks to internet technology, a lot of new options are now available for buying and selling. These are options are safer as you no longer need to go out of your homes.

But before we head on to these options on where to sell your used Switch, it is essential to know your goal in selling. Is it to get your money back? Or do you need a quick sale for a reasonable price? Whatever your reason is, always have the below checked and prepared:

●    Clean your used Switch and get a cover case for it. It would help if you made your Switch presentable to potential buyers. You can’t expect people to buy it if it has visible scratches or dust. In any buy and sell, presentation is always essential.

●    Include other things to your used Switch. Aside from the Joy-Cons, you can also highlight other accessories and physical games you want to sell with your used Switch. Including them can help you sell at a higher price.

●    Take good pictures of your used Switch. Make sure that all critical parts of your Switch are captured. Take a good picture of the console unit, the dock, and the two Joy-Con controllers.

●    Know your used Nintendo Switch’s worth. Before selling your used Switch, decide on how much you want to sell it. Do simple calculations on how it is worth it. Typically, a used console will worth 60% of its original price. But usually, that’s not the case for a used Nintendo Switch. Since the demand for Nintendo Switches is so high, you can always sell it higher than 60%. You can go for 80% or even 90%. 

●    Be ready to negotiate. Even with the increasing demand, not everyone can afford Switch for its regular price. Most people decide to buy the used ones since they expect them to be cheaper than the new ones. Your buyers will indeed negotiate, and that’s okay. But don’t go too low. Settle for a price that is good the both of you. You’re not just after getting part of your investment back; you’re also after business. Depending on the condition of the console, always negotiate just for the right price.

Where to Sell Your Used Nintendo Switch?

While there are many options available on where to sell your used Nintendo Switch, you should always go to where you can get the best deal. And not only that, you should consider how hassle-free the transaction will be for you and also your buyer.

How to Sell Used Nintendo Switch

Online Selling

A lot of online platforms are readily available for selling your used Nintendo Switch. Check them below:


It is a website used worldwide for viewing and posting local advertisements. Aside from consoles, items for housing, garage sales, cars, and almost everything are available. People use Craigslist due to its wide variety of available items and also because it’s free to use. Selling your used Nintendo Switch here will give you a wide variety of audiences. It also has an option for you to choose your region, which makes it easier for you to pick your target market.

If you plan to sell your used Switch on Craigslist, make sure to put the correct location at the top and the right category. This will make it easier for potential buyers to see your ads.

Gigantic List

It is a good alternative for Craiglist. Gigantic List is a giant online classifieds site focused on local buying and selling. Their front page is colorful and organized, making it easy to find the items you want to buy.

The front page also contains an advanced search function that lets you filter by item, category, and various location options. Like Craigslist, sellers can post ads for free.

Free Ads Time

It is one of the fastest-growing classified advertising sites. Like Craigslist and Gigantic List, Free Ads Time enables its users to target audiences in thousands of cities worldwide. Its layout is also organized by country and by cities, making it easier to browse wherever you are on the globe. There is also a “Map Search” option. One can also create an online store, or visitors can join forums to share their thoughts.

Posting your used Nintendo Switch in Free Ads Time makes buyers near your place easily find it.


It is a great place to buy and sell for free locally. This classified ads site is almost the same as the sites mentioned earlier. But what differentiates it from the others is its user experience design. Navigating through the website is relatively easy, and it very well can be a go-to place for posting almost anything. It’s also free to use.

The layout design of the website is very minimalistic. It’s easy for buyers to search for the things they want to buy. They can type “used Nintendo Switch,” and your ads can be easily found.


It is also a free classified ads website like Craigslist and Free Ads Time. It covers 100+ countries and supports thousands of cities. It has a cleaner look than the other websites, making it easy to go through pages and menu options. The home page gives buyers an easy opportunity to choose a city or a region. It also offers buyers a user-friendly experience.

How to Sell Used Nintendo Switch


It is one of the popularly used websites for buying and selling items. Joining and starting a shop on Etsy is free. However, you need to pay a listing fee, a transaction fee, and a payment processing fee when selling your products. However, sales from offsite ads will incur an advertising fee.

Etsy has then established its name for buying and selling online and focused on a high-quality user experience. However, selling your used Switch on Etsy can significantly decrease your market as what usually sells on Etsy are jewelry, accessories, and anything vintage.


It is a free advertising website. Because of its short name, it is easier for both buyers and sellers to remember. It also offers a wide range of audiences and an easy-to-navigate website.


It is one of the largest online marketplaces for many countries. It is s a British-based online classified ads website based in London and owned by eBay.


eBay is probably the most known buying and selling site worldwide. Selling your console on eBay is a guaranteed sale without a lot of work. However, due to a large audience, there are also a lot of competitors. You need to set your price lower to catch the buyers’ attention.

Selling on eBay means you need to market your product better than the others. If you get lucky with a bidding war, you could get more than what you paid for your Switch. Selling on eBay gives you a lot of flexibility. But it also requires tough decision-making, especially with pricing.


It is one of the most reliable and trustworthy platforms for buying and selling. It also has a reasonably good return policy. Buyers are primarily motivated to shop on Amazon because of low prices, free shipping, and convenience. It’s a one-stop-shop where people can buy different things they need. It also has the best prices available, and you can regularly find products on sale.

Due to its vast selection, buyers prefer to go to Amazon. That means selling your used console on Amazon will provide you with a wide variety of buyers. But like eBay, it also gives you a lot of competitors. While it is hard to sell in Amazon due to a large base of sellers, it is still one of the best options to sell your used console because of its convenience.

How to Sell Used Nintendo Switch

Facebook Marketplace

Social media has already expanded its use from socializing to also business making. Facebook launched its Marketplace in 2016 and has quickly proved viable not only for sellers but also for buyers.

Facebook Marketplace has been one of the most popular selling platforms on Social Media. It costs zero to sell. You have to have a working and valid Facebook account. It is also very convenient to use on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. This means you can shop everywhere.

Facebook Marketplace provides public profiles and ratings both for sellers and buyers. The ratings are visible to everyone, which helps buyers feel confident about their transactions. Speaking with your clients is done through Facebook Messenger. And they can pay through Facebook Pay. However, you can also choose your payment method like Paypal.

If you think of selling your used Nintendo Switch on Facebook Marketplace, here’s how:

● First, you need to have a valid Facebook account. If you don’t have one, make sure to create an account. Put your complete and accurate name. Do not use an alias; otherwise, you might not be able to attract buyers. Have your email address verified as well.

● The next step is to make a listing for your Nintendo Switch. You can do this by selecting Marketplace from Facebook’s dropdown menu. Once you’re in the Marketplace main menu, click the “Create New Listing” button. Once done, choose between the Listing Types provided. Make sure to select “Items for Sale” when selling your used Switch.

● Add photos of your used Switch. Uploading at least one image is required. You can only add up to 10 images, so make sure that you choose the ones that can easily catch buyers’ attention.

● Once photos are uploaded, input a title and your selling price. It would be best if you also chose a category. Under entertainment, select video games for your used Nintendo Switch. You must also disclose the condition of your item. Whether it is new or used.

● Put a little description about your used Nintendo Switch, additional accessories, or missing items if there is. And make sure to choose your correct location.

● Once all the above steps are done, your listing is ready to go live. Click “Publish” to finish listing your item. Once published, it will now be visible to everyone.

Selling your used Nintendo Switch in Facebook Marketplace gives you extended reach with its total of 2.4 billion active users. 75% of those regularly opens Facebook every day. One post will surely reach a lot of potential buyers.

How to Sell Used Nintendo Switch


If you’re a certified gamer, you’ve undoubtedly heard about GameStop before. GameStop is a one-stop shop for all gamers. It sells games, consoles, other consumer electronics. It has over 6,600 stores in 15 countries, including a website where you can do your shopping online. It also offers a massive selection of new and used gaming merchandise.

It has an environment where people share the same common interest in video games. Because of this, it is easier for you to sell your used Switch in GameStop. However, you’ll typically get less money as GameStop’s primary use is a trade-in center. But if you’re itching to get rid of your used Nintendo Switch, then GameStop is the best place.

Trades are accepted at all GameStop locations. The trade-in program is one reason why gamers choose to use GameStop to let go of their used gaming merchandise. It’s pretty easy. You have to bring in your old stuff to a GameStop location near you and have it traded for cash or credit. Customers can choose to trade games, consoles, tablets, and even smartphones.

If you’re thinking of trading your used Nintendo Switch, here’s how:

● Bring your used Nintendo Switch to a GameStop store near you. You can check their website to find the nearest store for you.

● Get your used Nintendo Switch appraised and tested by a store employee. Make sure that your Switch is in a fully working condition to receive full value. It should have no missing components. Remember that you will not appraise the console for you, so you must prepare it before heading to the GameStop store. Have it thoroughly cleaned and fully charged. If your used Switch has a defect, it will be appraised at a much lower value.

● Accept the quote and receive your cash or trade credit. If you agree to the quote, the store employee has given you, accept it. You will then get some money. Credits can be used to buy products at GameStop stores or online through Most traders choose to receive a credit instead of cash.

GameStop Trade-In is an excellent program for anyone thinking of selling their used Nintendo Switch. The program is so simple yet worth giving it a go.

However, due to the pandemic, GameStop is not doing very well as compared to before. It was reported that GameStop is struggling to have as many Sales. Even with the high demand for video games with almost everyone staying at home, GameStop’s sales reportedly got lower. About 1,000 stores also closed. If you plan to trade your used Nintendo Switch in GameStop, you must consider the current situation. It’s up to you if you like to take risks.

How to Sell Used Nintendo Switch


Now the final question is, should you sell your used Nintendo Switch? The question is quite simple. But whether or not you should sell your Nintendo Switch is up to you. It is always essential to have a goal in selling your used Switch. Plan and choose the best platform for you.

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