What is Xbox

What is XBOX, and Should You Buy One?

XBOX is one of the most successful video gaming brands worldwide, and the technology giant, Microsoft, produces it. The name “XBOX” was derived from Microsoft’s graphic API, DirectX.

History of XBOX Consoles

The first generation XBOX, which was released in November 2001, was a small black laid down box with a large “X” imprinted on the top and “XBOX” written on it. According to Microsoft owner Bill Gates, the marketing efforts poured out on XBOX have been their largest ever. While no exact figures were provided, its marketing budget was said to have surpassed $100 million upon its release.

In 2005, the XBOX 360 was released. It has an expanded XBOX Live service and the ability to purchase and stream music and videos through XBOX Music and XBOX Video services. It was, however, discontinued when a slimmer version XBOX 360 S was released in 2010. And in 2013, the XBOX 360 E was released, which was similar to XBOX 360 S but with one less USB port.

In 2013, the XBOX One was released. The upgrade featured a faster processor and expanded storage. It also has better graphics and upgraded controllers. The XBOX One has smoother and more realistic graphics due to an improved graphics card. It also featured the ability to record gameplay and watch satellite TV through it. In 2016, the XBOX One S was released, which is a smaller version of the XBOX One.

The XBOX Series X and XBOX Series S

The fourth generation and latest XBOX released are the XBOX Series X which has a disc-less version, XBOX Series S. Both consoles were released in November 2020. The XBOX Series X said goodbye to the normal design of the XBOX as it now features a standing unit and is larger than its predecessor, XBOX One. The larger console was said to be designed so that the internal heat can dissipate.

The XBOX Series X had a significant upgrade from XBOX One in terms of graphics hardware and is twice as powerful compared to the latter. The XBOX Series X also has bigger storage. The controllers have the added “share” button and D-Pad design.

Although there were no new games introduced in the release of XBOX Series X, all games from XBOX One are available in the new XBOX Series X, thanks to its backward compatibility. The XBOX Series X is being sold at $499, while the XBOX Series S is being sold for $299.

Should I buy an XBOX?

With the increasing popularity of console gaming, you can never go wrong in buying an XBOX. Here are the reasons why:

XBOX Game Pass

One of the best reasons for you to own an XBOX is to gain access to XBOX Game Pass. it is a monthly subscription service that will give you the best value in gaming by giving you access to over 200 games for just $10 a month. If you pay an extra $5, you’ll get the XBOX Game Pass Ultimate with more games to be added, including EA Play.

XBOX Exclusive Games

Since its first release, XBOX has already been giving players tons of quality games that are just exclusive to XBOX. Here’s a few of them you will never want to miss:

● Sea of Thieves

● Halo Infinite

● Forza

● State of Decay 3

● Ori and the Will of the Wisps

● Sunset Overdrive

● Gears 5

As of 2021, over 2,000 exclusive games are available for XBOX users.

Watching Movies and TV

The XBOX is not your ordinary console, as it can also be a media device for movies and TV, thanks to its HDMI 2.0 support. The XBOX offers playback services for Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and more.

If you’re still not yet convinced, finding a brand new XBOX in stores is hard as it is almost sold out. This is due to the high demand for this console. So the best time for you to buy an XBOX is now because it might take us again a few years before we can see a new XBOX version.

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